The Daily Network

The simple solution to provide secure internet access to your customers and visitors.

The Daily Network

Make it easy to connect

Typing secure passwords into your smartphone or laptop is tiring and time consuming. You have to type long, cryptic and immemorable sequences of letters and numbers. One typo and you have to repeat the whole procedure.

The Daily Network makes connecting a lot easier for you. Use your QR-scanner to take a photo of the code on the screen and your phone will automatically connect.

Even if you have to type in the password on a laptop. We change the password every day. That way we can use smaller password lengths without the fear of weakening our security.

You will be finished in a flash.

Reduce organisational overhead

Even for yourself The Daily Network is easy to set-up and configure. You just connect it to your local internet connection, via cable or via WiFi.

That’s it.

You don’t want your guests to overstay

Having guests is nice and you want to provide a pleasant stay for them by providing free WiFi. But you also don’t want your guests to stay forever - especially in your WiFi.

The Daily Network provides you with a simple way to manage use of your WiFi. By changing the password every 24 hours (configurable to your needs), access to your internet connection is regularly revoked. So people who do not have access your your conference room, also won’t have access to you WiFi.

Separate the guest network from your local network

Your guests and customers should be allowed to access the internet, but not your personal services and assests. So The Daily Network separates the guest network from your company’s network and only provides access to the internet.